” Socialize Petronesia Benimel  GOSP Restoration Project “

PT Petronesia Benimel, contractors ExxonMobil Cepu Limited (EMCL), explaining the plans for restoration work Gas Oil Separation Plan (GOSP) Banyuurip, Cepu, to local contractors, the community of the village head, and Muspika Gayam, Bojonegoro, East Java, in the meeting room subdistrict said Wednesday (05/25/2016).

Project Mananger PT Petronesia Benimel, Stefanus Silaban, explains, restoration work or return the land GOSP this original approach will be implemented by the end of this May.
“The target is the end of September is over,” said Stefanus usai socializing.

In carrying out the work later, PT Petronesia Benimel will work with contractors and involve the local workforce.

“Therefore today we socialize with menggundang forum in the region of joint Gayam Muspika to accommodate the aspirations,” said Stephen, explained.

According to him, there are a number of jobs that can be done of local contractors in this GOSP restoration work. Such as manpower supply, procurement, and workforce preparation. As for the amount of labor required skill and unskill approximately 30s.

“Keep our local cooperating commitment. But we will also use professional standards and rules,” said the man’s native Sumatra.

Stephen hopes to work together with local contractors, the community of the village head and Muspika Gayam so that work can proceed smoothly implemented, appropriate quality, on time and to benefit the local people. (Fifth of the sucos)